4 Promising Content Marketing Trends for 2020

4 Promising Content Marketing Trends for 2020

Content is king when it comes to marketing. Content is the soul and essence of the message you are trying to deliver to prospective customers. Without quality content, your message falls flat and you lose the chance to catch the attention of a prospective buyer or an audience member. So, you must review and keep renovating your content marketing strategy every once in a while. Here are four trends you must keep pace with this year.

1. Live Videos

The unpolished and authentic feel of a live-streamed video is what makes it gain traction over a well-planned and rehearsed traditional video message. What attracts audiences is, its real-time authenticity. So, this year try to put out some live videos laden with relevant content. It could be an interview with your CEO or a product review or even an ideation meeting with team members.

2. User Generated Content

User-generated content is highly underutilized as a source of quality content designed for marketing strategies. Users often do not find the right media to express their views, opinions and feedback for a particular product or service because there are not enough or well spelt out the means to do so. So make sure you put in place a channel for your customers to share feedback through and make sure you use it to market your product or service.

3. Voice Your Content

Smart speakers are slowly becoming integral to households across the world. So voice messages in the form of small content capsules talking about your product or service or even industry-specific facts and informational bytes can go a long way in drawing attention to your brand.

4. The Snippet

Google now displays, at the top of each results page, a snippet of information relevant to the searched item following which are listed the remaining results in order of relevance. Google now sniffs out the most relevant of content based on user intent and the snippet gives you the chance to feature as a well-packaged source of content right at the top of the Google search results pages if you have the most relevant content tailored to specific topics. So keep the vague and obscure material off your content table and go for relevant content that adds value to a user’s search.

Content cannot simply be produced with the help of the best content writers out there. An effective content marketing strategy, according to Sprout Road’s content writing service experts, needs an integration of more than one member of your team. You must rope in marketers, designers, developers and even your organisation heads to put out a comprehensive and robust content marketing strategy.


6 Reasons Why you Should Get a Blog for Your Website

6 Reasons Why you Should Get a Blog for Your Website

When you opt for website development services the first thing that should be on your mind is the fact that your website should be an active one, not a static platform that is lost in the Internet’s timeless limbo. The best way to make your website stay alive is to power it with inbound marketing techniques like business blogging, the benefits of which are manifold. Here is a look at 6 reasons why you must opt for a blog when getting a website developed.

  • Blogs generate traffic

Blogs are a cost-effective way of driving traffic to your website. All major search engines show a strong affinity to fresh, relevant and original content and they throw up search results based on this affinity. So your website has a greater chance of being indexed owing to its blogs. Moreover, insertion of industry- relevant keywords in blogs helps drive relevant traffic to your website.

  • Engage with customers

Engagement with customers online is a very crucial part of online marketing and branding. Blogs are one of the most interactive and engaging mediums of information dissemination and connecting with old and new customers. People on the Internet are hungry for relevant information written conversationally and your blogs can be a free gift of information to them. Moreover, if customers respond in the comments section, you can reply to their concerns and queries.

  • Build your brand

Every product or service has to have brand value in the market for it to sell. Building your brand and having a brand story is as important as selling your product or service because customers tend to prefer brands they can trust. Blogs help you spell out your core business values, what you essentially stand for, the nature of your products and services and how you value your customers and clientele. They serve as the book ends to your business.

  • Demonstrate expertise

Blogs are an excellent medium to flaunt your domain knowledge and expertise in your field of operation. You can write blogs on the production process or touch on topics related to your product’s market and trends – anything that catches the reader’s eye. And the more original and relevant the content, the more will your customers, clients and even competitors trust you.

  • Market Digitally

Blogs, if they are interesting, information-rich and unique, can find wide traction on the Internet and even beyond with people sharing the blog through phones and social media. This in turn helps market your brand widely and inexpensively. It can also lead to conversion to leads if people choose to click on your call-to-action buttons in the blogs they have particularly taken a liking to.

  • Pen down your thoughts

Blogs are a great way to express yourself and communicate to the world what you really believe in and stand for. It is a great medium to help you assert your individuality and stand apart from the crowd that is the Internet.

Now that you have a fair idea about the importance of blogs to your website, you should try to generate blog ideas and content regularly for visitors and search engines to know you are alive and kicking. Sprout Road, a premier website builder in Kolkata, recommends you enlist the services of a professional content writer for your blog section so you can put out quality content regularly.


4 Neat E-mail Tricks for Offline Businesses

4 Neat E-mail Tricks for Offline Businesses

So yours is one of those businesses that are yet to go online? And you are not ready to take the plunge yet? Fret not for you have at your service a trusted way of communicating with your clients and prospective customers over the Internet– through email. But sending out emails is not as simplistic as it looks. You need to work on several aspects of your email to win the trust of your customer and make an impact on him or her. Here are a few handy tips for your email strategy.

Custom E-mail

Sending out emails from Gmail or Yahoo reflects poorly on you and your business because it is perceived as more of a personal platform to share mails on.

It is perceived as being unprofessional. Instead, what you can do is create a custom email on any of the many email-hosting platforms with your own domain name, something that is taken seriously. Having a custom email like yourname@companyname.com shows professionalism and gives a corporate feel. Zoho Workplace and G Suite are some of the popular custom email platforms in the market.

Email Signatures

The last impression is a lasting one, some thing you will be remembered by. So signing off well and impressively is as important as the presentation of the content of your email. Ideally, you should have an email signature that has your name, your company name, social media links, your phone number etc. A small paragraph or a catchy tag line that embodies the story of your brand could be added as well.

Email Tracker

No one likes shooting an email and having to wait endlessly for a reply or a reaction. Thanks to email tracking software you can now know when a customer opens an email, opens attachments or simply ignores your email. This gives you knowledge about customer behaviour and helps you target the right clientele for your business. Imagine what you could do if you found out your potential client has opened your email but not replied (you follow up and add value that’s right).

Pre-email signature content

Sometimes having some content before your email signature can be a great way to educate or promote the email receiver about a product or service or something you believe in.

Pre-email signature content reads like – (a). Save upto 20% on your hosting. Ask me how or (b). Contactless delivery partners can now get a cashback. Get in touch for more information.


Business today is all about marketing yourself and your product well. So impressing your customers with good communication skills and a robust one-on-one mail policy is as important as selling them a great product. It is akin to dressing up sharply for a business meet. You obviously want to look your best before prospective investors and clients! We, at Sprout Road, suggest you incorporate these strategies at the earliest if you have not already done so. Sprout Road is one of the best Internet marketing companies in Kolkata. Also, you might want to read our blog on why the COVID-19 lockdown is the best time to take your business online here.


Video Marketing Trends for 2020

Video Marketing Trends for 2020

Audio-visual medium of communications are any day more engaging and impactful than mere words communicated in patches of written text. To the viewer, a video is more captivating because it engages the aural and visual faculties.

Videos are more impactful because they communicate body language, tone and visual cues to the viewer. It is a tested norm that customers are more likely to click a video ad than a standard banner ad. Thus, most businesses prefer opting for video marketing and video advertising.

Here, we list a set of video marketing trends for 2020.

‘Live’-n up

Going ‘Live’ is the new go-to model for video marketers, especially on platforms as effective as Facebook and Twitter. They tend to create a sense of urgency and they look less scripted and more genuine.

360 degree video content

Immersive videos are dominating the market right now. And there is nothing like great 360-degree video content that can easily be shot on a smartphone or a special camera that does not cost much. Spherical videos tend to fascinate viewers and excite them a lot more as compared to non-interactive ones.

‘Shoppable’ Videos

Shoppable videos are gradually becoming a rage among e-Commerce customers. These videos are designed for customers to click on them and be directed to the checkout page seamlessly, cutting short their shopping time as compared to sifting through an e-Commerce website.


If you are a fan of storytelling and cannot stop at the first 100 words or so while explaining your product or services to a customer, you should go in for Video Blogging – Vlogging. Telling a personalised story that features your product or services touches a cord with the customer and increases conversion rates.

Data-driven video ads

Finally, while everything has been said in favour of audio-visual mediums of marketing and advertising being the most effective, nothing beats the credibility of data and facts and figures supporting your claims around your products and services. Thus, including relevant content in the form of data is not a bad idea at all.

So, if you are trying to better your ads strategy this year, especially since you have time on hand due to the global lockdown in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, do give this blog a thorough read. Best, Sprout Road.


6 Google Ads Trends You Can't Overlook in 2020

6 Google Ads Trends You Can’t Overlook in 2020

Are you someone tirelessly looking for ways to better your ROIs in advertising on the Internet? Are you trying hard to increase organic traffic to your website?

Well, we are here to help you with some information on the most tantalizing Google Ad Trends out there. One way to solve the problem of low organic traffic is by opting for PPC or Pay Per Click advertisement.

But featuring on Google is not all that easy. Google has an ultra intelligent shape-shifting algorithm. This is why, we have narrowed down available trends to give you an idea about what you can use for your brand and services.

1. Google Ads Smart Bidding

With Smart Bidding, you can optimize ads according to searches specific about location, time or day and even language. You can also remarket your services to customers who opted for your services earlier.

Moreover, Google decides on which ads are most likely to convert and helps you invest your bid on those ads and it helps you optimize ads within your budget.

2. Google Discovery Ads

Google began in 2018 what it called Discover, a personalized news feed feature active even when the user was not searching for anything. This enabled Google to study and understand search behavior.

In 2019, the tech giant introduced Discovery Ads that are user friendly and optimized on the basis of an understanding of user search behavior and search history.

3. Google Gallery Ads

Launched in 2019, this beta version allows users to scroll through multiple images that appear as Google gallery ads, especially in mobile phone search results.

Usually over four and under eight images are advertised with separate URLs and are suitable for businesses that thrive on strong visual content.

4. Expanded Audience Segment

Google launched two expanded audience ad segments late in 2019. One is for an affinity audience whose members are classified on the basis of search history, preferences, interests and browsing patterns.

The other segment is for in-market audience whose members constantly research on and compare products and prices.

5. Integrated Ad Campaigns With Google Lens:

A visual search engine of Google’s, Google Lens identifies landmarks and objects with the assistance of a native app. It can, among other features, scan barcodes and provide product details and suggest where to purchase products.

6. Google Ads And Voice Search

Text search routines are becoming extinct gradually and more and more people are choosing to go in for voice-enabled searches. Google has diversifies it ad segment to accommodate voice searches.

Hope this list helped you get a clearer picture about how Google is adapting to the demands of technological advancements and popular choices this year. For suggestions and advice on digital advertising, feel free to give us a call or drop us a message. Best, Sprout Road


How You Can Work From Home During COVID 19 - Some Free Tools

How You Can Work From Home During COVID 19 – Some Free Tools

Working from home? So are we. And so are millions of people across the world forced indoors by the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

But if you have access to the Internet, you are doing better than many because of a variety of free tools available to assist you in working from home.

For communicating

There are several free tools available for helping you to communicate with your colleagues.

Tools like Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Basecamp, Discord and Microsoft Teamsare the names you should be acquainted with.

Most of these are on offer with paid plans, but they grant basic free packages with some limitations (that should not pose any problems to users).

For instance, there is a guide to Slack’s free versus paid-for services.

For work lists and projects management

Making a to-do list of tasks is the foremost way of keeping track of work to be done and tasks completed.

There are several tools which help carry out this function. Take, for instance, Trello and Google Keep.

Tools like Trello give us the opportunity to handle projects, keep a track of work done, add comments or collaborate on these.

Google Keep allows us to do similar things like making lists, taking notes (with a feature that allows for attaching pictures or audio clips), and sharing them with co-workers.

Apps like Zoho, Asana and Paymo can also be used for these functions.

For Collaboration

To collaborate on documents, worksheets and presentations, the most widely used tools are those comprised in the Google Suite.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides facilitate work on documents, worksheets or spreadsheets and presentations respectively.

Files are usually saved on Google’s cloud platform – Google Drive – though they can also be saved in the offline mode. An alternative is Zoho Docs.


Working from home can be productive if you want it to be. So do not hesitate to be adaptive. We suggest you try out these free tools and recommend them to colleagues as well. And if you are looking for more suggestions, do read our upcoming blog. Best, Sprout Road


15 Reasons Why You Must Migrate To Magento 2 From Magento 1

15 Reasons Why You Must Migrate To Magento 2 From Magento 1

There is news! Magento 1 will sunset by June 2020, with its official support, security patches and updates to be withdrawn by the parent company. Magento itself warns, “(c)ontinued use of unsupported software risks negative impacts to your business”.

So it is advisable to get a team of experts to evaluate your e-commerce website and conduct a risk assessment or upgrade your platform to the latest technology available.

The Great Debate: Magento 1 versus Magento 2

For the uninitiated, Magento is the ultra popular open source e-commerce platform which is being used by hundreds and thousands of businesses including Coca Cola and Nike. It is a crucial application which helps you open an online store with ease and a small investment.

All you need is a basic understanding of English and technology to go about opening your store. In fact, according to some sources, 26 per cent of the world’s leading e-commerce websites use Magento as a platform. Others peg it at 31 per cent. Irrespective, none can refute the popularity of the application.

A decade after Magento was introduced in the market, Magento 2 has been launched. With the advent of the upgraded platform, there have been frenetic debates in the online community about which platform to use and the key differences in the two.

Here, we compare and discuss some features of Magento 2 vis a vis its predecessor.


  1. Faster loading time
    Magento 2 is way faster when it comes to loading time over Magento 1’s 2 to 3 seconds time frame.

  2. Better responsiveness
    Magento 2 has a more responsive interface and can be browsed on all devices as compared to Magento 1.

  3. Streamlined checkout
    Magento 2 has a new streamlined checkout feature which makes it easy and smooth for customers to checkout of the platform post shopping.

  4. Improved search
    Magento 2 affords greater user experience and improved quality of searches, handling 33 languages.

  5. Easier extensions
    Compared with Magento 1, it has become easier to make extensions to Magento 2 (because of HTML5) and thus cheaper as well.

  6. Faster add-to-cart
    Every time a product is put in or added to the cart in Magento 1, the system reloads the page thus wasting seconds, something that negatively impacts user experience. Ajax add-to-cart in Magento 2 does not reload page.

  7. Simpler navigation
    Magento 2 has simpler navigation which makes it easier for the owner to set up and manage his/her store as compared to Magento 1 which needs the assistance of developers to navigate the platform.

  8. Split databases
    Magento 1 has a single database for the admin end and the customer side, thus throwing up a problem of overloading. Magento 2 has a split database for product data, checkout and orders.

  9. Informative dashboard
    Magento 2 has a great dashboard which features all the important information at one place and you can view your business reports in a jiffy.

  10. Better product upload
    Magento 2 has innovations like simpler step-by-step product upload process and the provision for uploading videos as well.

  11. Robust customization
    Magento 2 lets owners view on-site behavior of customers and thus determine what customers can see on their end in the form of discounts or offers.

  12. Advanced platform compatibility
    Magento 2 supports advanced technologies like CSS3, HTML5 and MySQL as compared to Magento 1.

  13. Convenient testing
    Regressive testing on Magento 1 is not easy while it is comparatively more convenient in Magento 2.

  14. Smoother integration
    A plus point of the Magento 2 is its message queue framework that monitors the communication between Magento and other systems. Magento 1 has the facility for integrating various systems but if the integrations do not go smoothly, it becomes difficult to track messages.

  15. Better SEO
    When Magento 1 was launched in 2008, SEO was only an upcoming idea. Today it has become indispensable to businesses. Magento 2 is equipped with technologies like SHA-256 that aid better SEO than its predecessor.

So, it is clear that Magento 2 has better facilities and features as compared to Magento 1. And it is advisable that you go in for an upgrade as soon as possible. Sprout Road would love to assist you in making the necessary migration to Magento 2. We are just a phone call away. Best, Sprout Road


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The Biggest SEO Trends of 2019

The Biggest SEO Trends of 2019

2019 has been a crucial year for SEO due to numerous reasons.

With AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality driving the digital marketing landscape, it’s time we take charge before things get a bit overwhelming. As SEO professionals, we need to dominate the SERPs, generate more revenue and stay ahead of the curve.

Here are the top 10 SEO trends to watch out in 2019:

Understand User Intent and Audience

What does your targeted audience like? Texts, images or videos?

Answering this is all the more important this year, according to the experts. You need to understand what your audience is expecting from you and deliver them the solution in the easiest way possible.

Look Beyond Google Search Engine

 In 2019, we expect a steady rise of Amazon and Apple search engines. No more would it be enough to optimize Google; you have to take into account other search engines as well. You need to look beyond the websites, optimize for devices and drive engagement to your products, said Cindy Krum, CEO of MobileMoxie.

Use Structured Data As Much As Possible

Use Structured Data As Much As Possible

As AI is becoming the power tool for Google, the use of structured data is rapidly increasing simultaneously. JP Sherman, enterprise search expert at Red Hat shared that you should start comprehending structured data, active and passive search behaviors, and understanding how they adhere to behaviors that depict intent. Establishing contextual relationships between behaviors and topics is the key.

Content Is Still King

2018’s Google algorithm updates revealed that the search engine giant is acutely focusing on churning out high-quality content and rewarding sites that guarantee best in-depth content experiences. Last year, websites that offered incredible depth in quality content soared in page rankings while those that were weaker in content depth suffered.


Establish and enhance your expertise, authority and trustworthiness – collectively known as EAT- according to Google’s search quality rating guidelines.

“Although the E-A-T guidelines are written for Google’s algorithm raters, rather than Google’s algorithm itself, it helps us to understand where Google is heading in the short term,” said Dixon Jones, founder of DHJ Ventures. “I think this will help SEOs start to understand that ‘quality’ comes with context. You cannot rank so easily writing authoritative content unless you are already an authority on a given subject.”

Technical SEO

Day by day, websites are becoming more complex. Investment in technical SEO is now an absolute necessity. Corporate houses, who want to reap maximum benefit has to consider the glorious aspects of technical SEO. Speed, JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps are few technical areas in focus.

Focus on On-page Optimization

On-page SEO tactics continue fetching desirable results. Companies, big and small, are still witnessing incredible results from on-page optimization. It is great for driving traffic and increasing your online search presence.

2019: Year for Voice Search

2019: Year for Voice Search

Voice optimization is the strategy of the year. Last year, we saw the advent of voice search and how it gained immense attention. It is expected to become more popular and important in 2019. Michael Bonfils, MD of SEM International added that voice search is deemed to be a game-changer for multilingual and MNC websites shortly.

Impact of Machine Learning is Likely to Double

Machine learning is being adopted to curate unique content for SEO. AI coupled with data analysis and reporting is now the new imperative to decode failures and successes. Expect layout changes and a swooshing drive to address intents instead of questions.

Optimize for Feature Snippets and Google SERP Features

“Answer boxes, recipes, the knowledge graph, carousels, and who-knows-what-else will take an even bigger bite out of organic traffic,” pointed out Ian Lurie, CEO and founder of Portent. “That makes SEO even more important because exposure is as much about visibility in the SERPs as it is about clicks.”

As end notes, we’ve just scratched the surface till now. For more interesting updates on SEO trends and insights, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


How SEO Professionals Survive During Economic Downturns?

How SEO Professionals Survive During Economic Downturns?

No second thoughts – SEO is all the rage now. The SEO professionals seem to be in a pretty decent state. The economy is thriving and there’s room for business for nearly everyone.

But, this won’t last long. The economy cycles through phases of growth and regression. Thus, an economic downturn is simply inevitable. During the slump phase, businesses cut expenses and marketing is one of the first areas to witness budget cuts.

Good News: As an SEO professional, you don’t have to feel bogged down anymore. Your ability to wield revenue is no more subject to economic oscillation. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 4 key steps that would help you survive (or even thrive) in a recession:  

Boost Marketing Activities

In a slow economy, businesses reduce marketing expenses, which sometimes leads to catastrophic outcomes. We won’t say you shouldn’t restrict your expenses, but we will urge you to review your marketing tactics and remove ineffective channels and outdated programs. Refinement is the key.

The money thus saved should be reinvested into new marketing campaigns or into the older ones that are already running. Plus, if you are in luck, you might avail advertising opportunities at lower costs. Slow economy, at times, drives out the competitors (reason: reduced marketing budget) – giving you leverage.

Target Direct Sales

‘Sales’ is a very tricky word for SEO professionals. But, you have to engage in significant sales activities if you want to succeed in a dwindling economy. That doesn’t mean you have to initiate high-pressure sales pitch, instead, plan a strategic sales campaign.

The goal is to build a relationship with the client. Try to establish communication through mail, phone or even face-to-face meetings. From there, you can start the qualifying process and decide if he/she is fit for the sales pitch or not, and at the right time, pitch them hard.

Establish Relationships As Much As Possible

Relationships dictate business success and failure. Many in the SEO industry hide in their glass-and-steel workspaces avoiding people…. That’s a big mistake. It results in several missed opportunities. Favorable relationships open doors of success. They can even generate new leads and connect you to valuable partners. The mantra is to build a positive bond and nurture it well. It doesn’t have to be always face-to-face. You can maintain it over the phone or online.

So, connect to people, establish healthy communication and build meaningful relationships, online and offline as well.

Implement a System That Generates Referrals

Business referrals work wonders! But, the challenge is to get a quality referral. Why? Because most of the organizations don’t have a proper system! That’s why we suggest you have a system that will enhance the process of receiving referrals. It should be easier and frequent. For that, you have to first stop playing the game of chance and request clients for a referral.

Most of the clients revaluate their marketing efforts several times a year. So, keep asking them time and again. However, make sure you are never too pushy or too blunt. Use the right words and the right tone.

“David, you know I’m always looking for more clients like you, so I wanted to ask a small favor. Would you be willing to introduce me to anyone you know who might want to grow their business?”

 Simple and to the point, this kind of sentences can help you get good referrals.

 For more such interesting updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The blog has been sourced from ― www.searchenginejournal.com/how-seo-professionals-thrive-slow-economy

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Top Instagram Updates 2017 – Here’s All You Need to Know About

And it’s official – Instagram has churned out some really fascinating new features to enhance on-site experience for both users and businesses, uniformly. New creative tools and polling stickers to engage viewers are making all the news. Also, Instagram has worked on some of its existing features, including comment controls and the Shopify integration.

Let’s take a closer look at all the new updates and what they signify for your business:

Polling Stickers – What’s all the hype about

With the launch of Instagram’s Story feature, thousands of Snapchat users shifted their loyalty base to Instagram instead. Reasons –the former got location stickers, ads and now polling stickers. The new polling sticker feature is all about asking a question, and offering two answers to choose from – Yes or No, by default. However, you can also ask users to make a choice between two products or share a thought about which bagel is better – plain or sprinkles.

While ensuring transparency, a user can see who have taken part in their poll and what their answers are. Also, the viewers will be able to know which option is there on the lead, if they decide to peruse through your story. This way drive engagement to your content, and discover leads to target on.

Expansion of Shopify

Just as the holiday season has set into motion, Shopify started exploring Instagram shopping features and opened its doors to merchants worldwide. This initiative enabled Shopify to use Instagram as an extra medium to do business, while streamlining with other third party shopping apps, including Have2Have.IT.

Currently, this feature relies on Facebook’s product catalogue for easy tagging of products in images. Once you gain access and set up your product catalog on Facebook, the integration of products with Instagram would be swift in just a few clicks. Following this procedure, you will be free to tag any image with products up on the catalog.

In spite of such surging mobile engagement and usage, desktop still occupies the supreme position when it comes to online shopping. Shopify-integrated Instagram features can help bring a change in this pattern, making it incredibly easier for users to shop on mobile.

Better comment controls

Blocking of comments containing derogatory language was initiated by Instagram a few months back. And this month, they have revamped this feature.

The public profiles can now:

  • Dictate who can comment on your post.
  • Block certain people who you find unsuitable to view your profile.
  • Implement the offensive-language blocking filter in several languages, like French, German, Arabic and Portuguese, along with English.

Make your stories look perfect, with updated Creative Tools

Instagram has unveiled a set of new creative tools to help make your stories more creative and incredibly fetching. The first of the lot is the new alignment tool – while adding stickers, text or anything else to your story, you will observe blue lines appearing across the on-screen. They are known as alignment bars, and they arise for two reasons:

  • For centering your design components
  • To alert you if the center of your photo or video gets covered up if someone is viewing your story

Another tool, ‘color pickers’ works fine in detecting colors that goes perfectly with the color coordination of your story, while offering color recommendations for drawing and text. It actually helps in making your stories look visually appealing.

A final closure

The Instagram-Shopify integration is indeed a great news; and all big and small businesses associated with Shopify should keep an eye on this incredible piece of information.

The moment you gain access to it, start right on with testing it.

Even though you have limited interest in Shopify, this month’s Instagram updates have something for everyone – Try the new creative tools, make use of the polling feature on your stories and boost user engagement!

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