The Biggest SEO Trends of 2019

The Biggest SEO Trends of 2019

2019 has been a crucial year for SEO due to numerous reasons.

With AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality driving the digital marketing landscape, it’s time we take charge before things get a bit overwhelming. As SEO professionals, we need to dominate the SERPs, generate more revenue and stay ahead of the curve.

Here are the top 10 SEO trends to watch out in 2019:

Understand User Intent and Audience

What does your targeted audience like? Texts, images or videos?

Answering this is all the more important this year, according to the experts. You need to understand what your audience is expecting from you and deliver them the solution in the easiest way possible.

Look Beyond Google Search Engine

 In 2019, we expect a steady rise of Amazon and Apple search engines. No more would it be enough to optimize Google; you have to take into account other search engines as well. You need to look beyond the websites, optimize for devices and drive engagement to your products, said Cindy Krum, CEO of MobileMoxie.

Use Structured Data As Much As Possible

Use Structured Data As Much As Possible

As AI is becoming the power tool for Google, the use of structured data is rapidly increasing simultaneously. JP Sherman, enterprise search expert at Red Hat shared that you should start comprehending structured data, active and passive search behaviors, and understanding how they adhere to behaviors that depict intent. Establishing contextual relationships between behaviors and topics is the key.

Content Is Still King

2018’s Google algorithm updates revealed that the search engine giant is acutely focusing on churning out high-quality content and rewarding sites that guarantee best in-depth content experiences. Last year, websites that offered incredible depth in quality content soared in page rankings while those that were weaker in content depth suffered.


Establish and enhance your expertise, authority and trustworthiness – collectively known as EAT- according to Google’s search quality rating guidelines.

“Although the E-A-T guidelines are written for Google’s algorithm raters, rather than Google’s algorithm itself, it helps us to understand where Google is heading in the short term,” said Dixon Jones, founder of DHJ Ventures. “I think this will help SEOs start to understand that ‘quality’ comes with context. You cannot rank so easily writing authoritative content unless you are already an authority on a given subject.”

Technical SEO

Day by day, websites are becoming more complex. Investment in technical SEO is now an absolute necessity. Corporate houses, who want to reap maximum benefit has to consider the glorious aspects of technical SEO. Speed, JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps are few technical areas in focus.

Focus on On-page Optimization

On-page SEO tactics continue fetching desirable results. Companies, big and small, are still witnessing incredible results from on-page optimization. It is great for driving traffic and increasing your online search presence.

2019: Year for Voice Search

2019: Year for Voice Search

Voice optimization is the strategy of the year. Last year, we saw the advent of voice search and how it gained immense attention. It is expected to become more popular and important in 2019. Michael Bonfils, MD of SEM International added that voice search is deemed to be a game-changer for multilingual and MNC websites shortly.

Impact of Machine Learning is Likely to Double

Machine learning is being adopted to curate unique content for SEO. AI coupled with data analysis and reporting is now the new imperative to decode failures and successes. Expect layout changes and a swooshing drive to address intents instead of questions.

Optimize for Feature Snippets and Google SERP Features

“Answer boxes, recipes, the knowledge graph, carousels, and who-knows-what-else will take an even bigger bite out of organic traffic,” pointed out Ian Lurie, CEO and founder of Portent. “That makes SEO even more important because exposure is as much about visibility in the SERPs as it is about clicks.”

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How SEO Professionals Survive During Economic Downturns?

How SEO Professionals Survive During Economic Downturns?

No second thoughts – SEO is all the rage now. The SEO professionals seem to be in a pretty decent state. The economy is thriving and there’s room for business for nearly everyone.

But, this won’t last long. The economy cycles through phases of growth and regression. Thus, an economic downturn is simply inevitable. During the slump phase, businesses cut expenses and marketing is one of the first areas to witness budget cuts.

Good News: As an SEO professional, you don’t have to feel bogged down anymore. Your ability to wield revenue is no more subject to economic oscillation. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 4 key steps that would help you survive (or even thrive) in a recession:  

Boost Marketing Activities

In a slow economy, businesses reduce marketing expenses, which sometimes leads to catastrophic outcomes. We won’t say you shouldn’t restrict your expenses, but we will urge you to review your marketing tactics and remove ineffective channels and outdated programs. Refinement is the key.

The money thus saved should be reinvested into new marketing campaigns or into the older ones that are already running. Plus, if you are in luck, you might avail advertising opportunities at lower costs. Slow economy, at times, drives out the competitors (reason: reduced marketing budget) – giving you leverage.

Target Direct Sales

‘Sales’ is a very tricky word for SEO professionals. But, you have to engage in significant sales activities if you want to succeed in a dwindling economy. That doesn’t mean you have to initiate high-pressure sales pitch, instead, plan a strategic sales campaign.

The goal is to build a relationship with the client. Try to establish communication through mail, phone or even face-to-face meetings. From there, you can start the qualifying process and decide if he/she is fit for the sales pitch or not, and at the right time, pitch them hard.

Establish Relationships As Much As Possible

Relationships dictate business success and failure. Many in the SEO industry hide in their glass-and-steel workspaces avoiding people…. That’s a big mistake. It results in several missed opportunities. Favorable relationships open doors of success. They can even generate new leads and connect you to valuable partners. The mantra is to build a positive bond and nurture it well. It doesn’t have to be always face-to-face. You can maintain it over the phone or online.

So, connect to people, establish healthy communication and build meaningful relationships, online and offline as well.

Implement a System That Generates Referrals

Business referrals work wonders! But, the challenge is to get a quality referral. Why? Because most of the organizations don’t have a proper system! That’s why we suggest you have a system that will enhance the process of receiving referrals. It should be easier and frequent. For that, you have to first stop playing the game of chance and request clients for a referral.

Most of the clients revaluate their marketing efforts several times a year. So, keep asking them time and again. However, make sure you are never too pushy or too blunt. Use the right words and the right tone.

“David, you know I’m always looking for more clients like you, so I wanted to ask a small favor. Would you be willing to introduce me to anyone you know who might want to grow their business?”

 Simple and to the point, this kind of sentences can help you get good referrals.

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Top Instagram Updates 2017 – Here’s All You Need to Know About

And it’s official – Instagram has churned out some really fascinating new features to enhance on-site experience for both users and businesses, uniformly. New creative tools and polling stickers to engage viewers are making all the news. Also, Instagram has worked on some of its existing features, including comment controls and the Shopify integration.

Let’s take a closer look at all the new updates and what they signify for your business:

Polling Stickers – What’s all the hype about

With the launch of Instagram’s Story feature, thousands of Snapchat users shifted their loyalty base to Instagram instead. Reasons –the former got location stickers, ads and now polling stickers. The new polling sticker feature is all about asking a question, and offering two answers to choose from – Yes or No, by default. However, you can also ask users to make a choice between two products or share a thought about which bagel is better – plain or sprinkles.

While ensuring transparency, a user can see who have taken part in their poll and what their answers are. Also, the viewers will be able to know which option is there on the lead, if they decide to peruse through your story. This way drive engagement to your content, and discover leads to target on.

Expansion of Shopify

Just as the holiday season has set into motion, Shopify started exploring Instagram shopping features and opened its doors to merchants worldwide. This initiative enabled Shopify to use Instagram as an extra medium to do business, while streamlining with other third party shopping apps, including Have2Have.IT.

Currently, this feature relies on Facebook’s product catalogue for easy tagging of products in images. Once you gain access and set up your product catalog on Facebook, the integration of products with Instagram would be swift in just a few clicks. Following this procedure, you will be free to tag any image with products up on the catalog.

In spite of such surging mobile engagement and usage, desktop still occupies the supreme position when it comes to online shopping. Shopify-integrated Instagram features can help bring a change in this pattern, making it incredibly easier for users to shop on mobile.

Better comment controls

Blocking of comments containing derogatory language was initiated by Instagram a few months back. And this month, they have revamped this feature.

The public profiles can now:

  • Dictate who can comment on your post.
  • Block certain people who you find unsuitable to view your profile.
  • Implement the offensive-language blocking filter in several languages, like French, German, Arabic and Portuguese, along with English.

Make your stories look perfect, with updated Creative Tools

Instagram has unveiled a set of new creative tools to help make your stories more creative and incredibly fetching. The first of the lot is the new alignment tool – while adding stickers, text or anything else to your story, you will observe blue lines appearing across the on-screen. They are known as alignment bars, and they arise for two reasons:

  • For centering your design components
  • To alert you if the center of your photo or video gets covered up if someone is viewing your story

Another tool, ‘color pickers’ works fine in detecting colors that goes perfectly with the color coordination of your story, while offering color recommendations for drawing and text. It actually helps in making your stories look visually appealing.

A final closure

The Instagram-Shopify integration is indeed a great news; and all big and small businesses associated with Shopify should keep an eye on this incredible piece of information.

The moment you gain access to it, start right on with testing it.

Even though you have limited interest in Shopify, this month’s Instagram updates have something for everyone – Try the new creative tools, make use of the polling feature on your stories and boost user engagement!

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