4 Important Points to Know About Progressive Web Apps

4 Important Points to Know About Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps, as the name suggests, are advanced application software installed on a system that helps users get the experience of both a website and an application.

Mobile apps have always proven to be more efficient and handy for users, unlike websites. But, what if you get all the benefits of mobile apps on websites? Now, this is just what the progressive web apps promise.

In contrast to the websites of old, these apps behave more like mobile applications. These applications can be installed on a computer/laptop to enable users to work offline and even be alerted by push notifications.

Technology Used

The common web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript are blended with the latest advancement of the browsers, service workers and Cache and Push APIs to make the progressive web apps real.

What Makes Progressive Web Apps Popular?

Originally conceived by Google in 2015, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have become extremely popular among users throughout the world. Here are some traits that make progressive web apps a phenomenon:

They are Progressive

They are a lot more progressive than traditional websites/applications, which is why they are termed so. While the earlier applications were restricted to work on only one platform/browser, these new web applications are compatible with all the possible browsers available in the market.

They are Responsive

Nowadays, a website always needs to be responsive, according to Google. This not only helps the website become popular among the users but is also deemed to be a primary criterion for websites to be recognised by Google. Therefore, PWAs are built with responsiveness in mind to facilitate ease of use across devices.

They can Work Offline

Though we need internet to work on most of the websites, the mobile apps can work even with a limited/no connection. The PWAs caches the app data and are built with the ability to function similarly, where you can interact with them even without any internet connection.

They are Fast and Effective

PWAs prove to be way faster and effective for users, something that makes for great user experience. They will start to work right after you download them on your device and allow faster navigation. Even if you restart the app, it will come back again faster than ever.

PWAs are a result of hard work and inventiveness, which is boosting productivity for users across the world. With premium web development companies in Kolkata, like Sprout Road, you can also avail of the latest technological innovations taking place in website designing and development.