4 Promising Content Marketing Trends for 2020

4 Promising Content Marketing Trends for 2020

Content is king when it comes to marketing. Content is the soul and essence of the message you are trying to deliver to prospective customers. Without quality content, your message falls flat and you lose the chance to catch the attention of a prospective buyer or an audience member. So, you must review and keep renovating your content marketing strategy every once in a while. Here are four trends you must keep pace with this year.

1. Live Videos

The unpolished and authentic feel of a live-streamed video is what makes it gain traction over a well-planned and rehearsed traditional video message. What attracts audiences is, its real-time authenticity. So, this year try to put out some live videos laden with relevant content. It could be an interview with your CEO or a product review or even an ideation meeting with team members.

2. User Generated Content

User-generated content is highly underutilized as a source of quality content designed for marketing strategies. Users often do not find the right media to express their views, opinions and feedback for a particular product or service because there are not enough or well spelt out the means to do so. So make sure you put in place a channel for your customers to share feedback through and make sure you use it to market your product or service.

3. Voice Your Content

Smart speakers are slowly becoming integral to households across the world. So voice messages in the form of small content capsules talking about your product or service or even industry-specific facts and informational bytes can go a long way in drawing attention to your brand.

4. The Snippet

Google now displays, at the top of each results page, a snippet of information relevant to the searched item following which are listed the remaining results in order of relevance. Google now sniffs out the most relevant of content based on user intent and the snippet gives you the chance to feature as a well-packaged source of content right at the top of the Google search results pages if you have the most relevant content tailored to specific topics. So keep the vague and obscure material off your content table and go for relevant content that adds value to a user’s search.

Content cannot simply be produced with the help of the best content writers out there. An effective content marketing strategy, according to Sprout Road’s content writing service experts, needs an integration of more than one member of your team. You must rope in marketers, designers, developers and even your organisation heads to put out a comprehensive and robust content marketing strategy.


4 Important Points to Know About Progressive Web Apps

4 Important Points to Know About Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps, as the name suggests, are advanced application software installed on a system that helps users get the experience of both a website and an application.

Mobile apps have always proven to be more efficient and handy for users, unlike websites. But, what if you get all the benefits of mobile apps on websites? Now, this is just what the progressive web apps promise.

In contrast to the websites of old, these apps behave more like mobile applications. These applications can be installed on a computer/laptop to enable users to work offline and even be alerted by push notifications.

Technology Used

The common web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript are blended with the latest advancement of the browsers, service workers and Cache and Push APIs to make the progressive web apps real.

What Makes Progressive Web Apps Popular?

Originally conceived by Google in 2015, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have become extremely popular among users throughout the world. Here are some traits that make progressive web apps a phenomenon:

They are Progressive

They are a lot more progressive than traditional websites/applications, which is why they are termed so. While the earlier applications were restricted to work on only one platform/browser, these new web applications are compatible with all the possible browsers available in the market.

They are Responsive

Nowadays, a website always needs to be responsive, according to Google. This not only helps the website become popular among the users but is also deemed to be a primary criterion for websites to be recognised by Google. Therefore, PWAs are built with responsiveness in mind to facilitate ease of use across devices.

They can Work Offline

Though we need internet to work on most of the websites, the mobile apps can work even with a limited/no connection. The PWAs caches the app data and are built with the ability to function similarly, where you can interact with them even without any internet connection.

They are Fast and Effective

PWAs prove to be way faster and effective for users, something that makes for great user experience. They will start to work right after you download them on your device and allow faster navigation. Even if you restart the app, it will come back again faster than ever.

PWAs are a result of hard work and inventiveness, which is boosting productivity for users across the world. With premium web development companies in Kolkata, like Sprout Road, you can also avail of the latest technological innovations taking place in website designing and development.


4 Great Tips to Get an Effective Domain Name for Your Website

4 Great Tips to Get an Effective Domain Name for Your Website

The domain name is our identity on the internet just as our names are for us in the world we live in. Choosing the right domain name is the primary thing you need to consider when starting with a website.

However, it can be quite hectic to pick the right name for your website and it demands a good amount of brainstorming to get it right. Furthermore, you ought to be extra careful if your website is to serve a commercial purpose because it can make or mar your business. But don’t worry because here we bring you exclusive hacks to start your website with an effective domain name.

Get a regional domain

The .com might have been one of the most popular domain extensions but opting for a regional domain isn’t a bad option either. For instance, you can go for .in if your website is for the Indian audiences or .fr if your website targets France. This would make you local and thereby, bring in a considerable amount of credibility to your business.

However, getting a .com domain is the best thing to do in case you have an international requirement. There are numerous other extensions, which might seem appealing but are fraught with challenges.

Insert keywords in your domain name

Using keywords in your domain name will not only inform the search engines but also your audiences about your website. Therefore, inserting relevant keywords in your domain name will surely benefit your business.

Go for short, simple and memorable names

A domain name is responsible for the first impression of your website. Therefore, you should make sure that it is impactful. Here’s where short and simple domain names come into play. Besides, being easier to remember, short names will be free of typos and make for a lasting impression on your audiences.

Unique domain names rule

Unique names stand out in the world of domain names. They are much more brandable and promise an enviable brand recognition. Distinctive domain names also save you from getting mired in copyright issues.


Applying these hacks will undoubtedly help you come up with an amazing domain name for your website. However, if you want to build a quality website that is both attractive and marketable, you must consult the experts. Sprout Road is one of the best web development companies in Kolkata you can appoint as your official website builder.

Do you know why you need a blog for your website? If not, check here.


Top5 Content Management Systems to choose from in 2020

Top 5 Content Management Systems to choose from in 2020

Making a website of your own has become more exciting and easier than ever before because of the sheer number of Content Management Systems or CMSs available. A CMS is a web application that enables you to publish and manage content on the Internet.

While most think CMSs are meant for blogging, the truth is that CMSs today are highly customisable and can be used for absolutely any kind of project including ecommerce sites and private membership sites. Here is a list of top CMS platforms you can use to develop your website.


This open source software is unarguably the most popular one today and it boasts the largest market share among competitors. It is ultra easy to use and navigate and it is highly customisable with a large database of themes to chose from.


This open source platform, like WordPress, has a large library of templates and extensions to choose from. But it is not advisable for beginners because of its complicated interface. It is a good option to build your ecommerce site on for it has extensions for this.


This open source software powers some of the most prestigious websites out there including The Economist’s. Many universities use it too. It is suitable for developers to handle especially for websites that are very complicated and designed to manage a large amount of content.


This powerful open source ecommerce platform from the software giant Adobe is one of the most competent and customisable CMSs available. It is, however, on the expensive side of things and you need specialised developers to build your website for you.


This is an all-in-one hosted CMS platform. You do not need to purchase hosting or manage updates and backups. It is a brilliant platform for setting up an ecommerce store with an easy drag-and-drop interface. You can accept both debit card and credit card payments through Shopify Payments.

There are many more CMSs out there in the market. We have covered only five. What we suggest you do is first identify the purpose of your website – will it be a blog or an ecommerce platform or a private membership website? And then proceed to research on the type of CMS you want to go for. Sprout Road, a premiere website development company in Kolkata, recommends WordPress for websites and Magento for ecommerce platforms.