Now is The Time to Create a Sound Digital Workplace

Now is The Time to Create a Sound Digital Workplace

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced life to a standstill for most of us. Almost every country, the world over, has declared a lockdown to abate the spread of the coronavirus.

While many are sitting home with work paused and earnings taking a hit, many are fortunate to be able to work from home via computers. For those working from home, it is important for you to build a digitally sound workplace like some people are putting in place.

Remote Working

Tools like Slack and Google Hangouts are helping offices collaborate with each other with more time spent on video conferencing and chatting to compensate missing on time spent together in an office. This has to be done to make remote working as productive and healthy as possible.

Daily virtual meetings

It is important to hold a team meet every morning so all team members are on board with the goals and targets set by team leaders for the day. This helps organise better and leaves little room for confusion and acts of omission on the part of team members.

Assign a workstation to yourself

The importance of a dedicated workstation for your office work cannot be stressed enough. Balancing your laptop on your knees while you are perched on a couch or on your bed is a bad idea and it makes you realise why offices have chairs and tables for you to work on.

Email and phone etiquette

One of the biggest challenges working from home and having a sound digital workplace is maintaining office-like silence. So fellow workers and seniors appreciate you for ensuring zero distractions while you are attending phone calls. Similarly, quick and prompt replies on email or collaboration tools like Asana or whichever platform you use reflects on your personality and seriousness with work.

Take breaks

When you are at home, you tend to either get distracted too often or work too intensely for long stretches. It is best that you ration your time wisely and take a stroll or two in between work to break the monotony of working from home for days on end.

We, at Sprout Road, an IT company in Kolkata, are working from home and we have managed to streamline our work processes and schedules perfectly in less than a week. Sprout Road recommends you read this blog to be fully equipped to work from home most productively.


Top Facebook Updates You Can't Miss

Top Facebook Updates You Can’t Miss

The world has changed over the past two months because of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. As of April 24, 2020, over 27,25,000 persons have been affected by the novel virus and thousands have lost their lives due to fatal infections from the virus.

Nations have decreed lockdowns and economies have come to a grinding halt. In such a situation, business processes like marketing efforts have undergone a change in language and immediacy. Let us review some of the changes Facebook has undergone in these unprecedented times.

Facebook Ads

Facebook announced it no longer holds it mandatory for advertisers to use campaign budget optimization or CBO. “With campaign budget optimization, you’ll be able to set one central campaign budget for all of your ad sets, and we’ll automatically and continuously distribute that budget in real time to your top performing ad sets.” You can access Facebook’s announcement regarding CBO here.

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook has announced that changes to its moderation process and the fact that its staff is away from work might result in delays and errors in ad reviews.

So it is advisable to design and upload ads for approval much earlier than you need them so you have time to edit or change the ad or even appeal.

  • Facebook is currently testing new features that limit the spread of misinformation regarding COVID-19, on both Whatsapp and Messenger.

Some pieces of misinformation regarding magical cures and government action have gained a lot of mileage on these platforms.

  • Facebook has banned ads and listings that “seek to capitalize on fears” around the coronavirus pandemic.

Test kits, toilet paper, facemasks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, or even purported “cures” cannot be advertised to exploit people on the basis of their fears.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories has introduced a new “Mood” frame for its Stories. The feature applies any GIF a user chooses to the stories panel and tags it as ‘Mood’. This is to signify the fact that the GIF represents the present mood of the user.

Brands can use this feature to call attention to a product review or the launch of a new product by following up a story with a mood GIF. This feature can be used to “express” feelings like excitement over recent news they have shared via Stories.

Facebook appears to be concerned about your business in these uncertain times, evident from these updates. It has also put out a link to its Business Resource Hub where it puts out pointers on connecting with small businesses and taking your business online. For more assistance on these updates or social media marketing and advertising, do not hesitate to contact us. Sprout Road is the premiere most IT company in Kolkata engaged in Facebook marketing. Best, Sprout Road