6 Google Ads Trends You Can't Overlook in 2020

6 Google Ads Trends You Can’t Overlook in 2020

Are you someone tirelessly looking for ways to better your ROIs in advertising on the Internet? Are you trying hard to increase organic traffic to your website?

Well, we are here to help you with some information on the most tantalizing Google Ad Trends out there. One way to solve the problem of low organic traffic is by opting for PPC or Pay Per Click advertisement.

But featuring on Google is not all that easy. Google has an ultra intelligent shape-shifting algorithm. This is why, we have narrowed down available trends to give you an idea about what you can use for your brand and services.

1. Google Ads Smart Bidding

With Smart Bidding, you can optimize ads according to searches specific about location, time or day and even language. You can also remarket your services to customers who opted for your services earlier.

Moreover, Google decides on which ads are most likely to convert and helps you invest your bid on those ads and it helps you optimize ads within your budget.

2. Google Discovery Ads

Google began in 2018 what it called Discover, a personalized news feed feature active even when the user was not searching for anything. This enabled Google to study and understand search behavior.

In 2019, the tech giant introduced Discovery Ads that are user friendly and optimized on the basis of an understanding of user search behavior and search history.

3. Google Gallery Ads

Launched in 2019, this beta version allows users to scroll through multiple images that appear as Google gallery ads, especially in mobile phone search results.

Usually over four and under eight images are advertised with separate URLs and are suitable for businesses that thrive on strong visual content.

4. Expanded Audience Segment

Google launched two expanded audience ad segments late in 2019. One is for an affinity audience whose members are classified on the basis of search history, preferences, interests and browsing patterns.

The other segment is for in-market audience whose members constantly research on and compare products and prices.

5. Integrated Ad Campaigns With Google Lens:

A visual search engine of Google’s, Google Lens identifies landmarks and objects with the assistance of a native app. It can, among other features, scan barcodes and provide product details and suggest where to purchase products.

6. Google Ads And Voice Search

Text search routines are becoming extinct gradually and more and more people are choosing to go in for voice-enabled searches. Google has diversifies it ad segment to accommodate voice searches.

Hope this list helped you get a clearer picture about how Google is adapting to the demands of technological advancements and popular choices this year. For suggestions and advice on digital advertising, feel free to give us a call or drop us a message. Best, Sprout Road