What Lord Varys from GOT Teaches about Content Strategy

We’ve all witnessed the frenzy brought into by Game of Throne’s SEO and online branding memes that are scattered across the web. Though their humor grabs our utmost attention, there are countless valuable lessons to learn from HBO’s magnum opus show – Game of Thrones.

To be frank, I was always much more of a Tetris kid than an innate worshipper of Dungeons & Dragons – but this time I must say I am totally engrossed in Game of Thrones. Why? Because it’s badass – it’s full of surprises, and its character etching is flawless.

Talking about GOT characters, Lord Varys strikes me the most. His skilled manipulating abilities and the way he singlehandedly commands a large network of informants encompassing two continents wins me over every time – here I have culled out the reasons why he is regarded as the epitome of a supreme content strategist.

Knowledge is King

Being a content strategist, what skill you need the most? A keen eye for the details. Knowledge is strength, it’s the power. And Lord Varys knew this very well; as a result, his Little Birds supplemented him with a large array of crucial data and insights – it’s this information that makes him unbeatable.

When to Talk and When Not To

A proper sense of timing is crucial. Lord Varys appreciates the power of silence and timing. As a content strategist, he understands when his brand should speak, and when it’s best to remain mum. This quality makes him so-desired for promoting brand reputation management.

Balanced and Unbiased

With no emotional involvement and zero complicated relationships, Lord Varys stands tall in terms of trust, reliability quotient and biasness. As he is a no-nonsense person, he is expected to be both neutral and extremely cryptic when asked about his future activities and agendas.

Nothing but Result Matters

I serve the realm my lord, someone must.

Achieving target is his motto in life. And for that Lord Varys can go up to any extent. He is focused, determined and result-oriented. Nothing can steer him away from the path of success. This must-have skill should be present in every versatile content strategist who wants to leave a lasting mark in the industry.

Flexible, While Leveraging Seasonality

Lord Varys never swears his allegiance to an evil king. He is free to change his loyalties, if the situation demands or for the welfare of his people. If its content marketing, it has to be Lord Varys – he is the ideal guy who knows how to leverage trends and conditions, while securing his win. Thumbs up to this man of quirks!

So, before you start mulling over how to hire such content strategists, remember Lord Varys takes the job of the message transmitter very seriously – he keeps the King updated and well-informed about all the events that take place in all the Seven Kingdoms, and his role should be given due importance.

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